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ASR Technologies Philippines, OPC guarantees satisfied customer service because we are manned and managed by experienced personnel who used to work in semiconductor manufacturing companies, OEMs, and distributors of leading technologies with vast experience in different industries.


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Our vast dicing knowledge with over 40 years of experience combined with the latest blade design and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities can challenge any new application & material dicing requirement.

Our worldwide application labs located close to our customers’ sites are equipped with the latest saw systems, peripheral equipment, and quality measurement tools to provide a tailor-made solution to any demanding customer requirement.

ExBond chip adhesive and electronic assembly adhesive developed by Benno have been widely used in the electronic packaging market. Both product performance and product stability have excellent performance.

Relying on an internationally advanced technology platform with independent intellectual property rights, Bennuo Company has effectively solved the contradiction between bonding performance and application performance, breaking through the market situation that had previously been occupied by foreign brands, and has become a well-known brand of domestic electronic grade adhesives.

As technological applications become increasingly complex, so do the printed circuit boards that power them. Today, PCBs can do more while utilizing less space through the implementation of the following:

Lower component standoff heights
Increased board density
Stacked and complex component types
Increased use of sensitive materials 

AMC CO., LTD has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying tape for semiconductors.

AMC has been stretching himself as a worldwide semiconductor tape maker by developing and manufacturing excellent base film, and adhesive both nominally and virtually.

ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is the global technology leader in the production of systems and modules for microchip production. With semiconductor manufacturing optics, photomask systems, and process control solutions, ZEISS supplies key technologies for the production and metrology of ultra-fine semiconductor structures on silicon wafers – the raw material used to make microchips. Advances in computer technology largely rely on the ongoing development of optical lithography – every new generation enables even finer structures to be produced on the microchips. This makes circuits more compact, resulting in more powerful and more energy-efficient microchips every year.

ZEISS has been driving the development of semiconductor manufacturing technology right from day one. The company’s new and unique extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography has created a series of further generations of microchips with ever greater integration density.

Barcode, Labels, Stickers, & Ribbon

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Advance Dicing Technologies

Fully Automatic 80WT

Fully automatic two-spindle dicing saw, designed for precise step-cut Wettable QFN dicing. The 80wt performs perfect grooving operation with constant depth of cut and groove shape, on an uneven surface of the substrate.

Loading up to 4 QFN magazines, Each with up to 20 QFN substrates

Twin System – Double spindle

Automatic loading 2 QFN panels (can support single panel)

Pre-alignment for 2 substrates simultaneously

Tapeless process

Brush deburring

ADT 8020

Features and Benefits

Flexibility – Supports Hub and Hubless blades up to 3″O.D.

Spindles of 1.8 kW or 2.2 kW high power (for challenging applications)

Superior vision system with continuous zoom magnification

Intuitive operation interface using a large 19″touch screen monitor