Whatwe can do

  • Dicing Blades, Dicing Equipments And Other Dicing Peripherals For Semiconductor Industries
  • UV and Non-UV Back Grinding Tapes/Dicing Tapes and Die Attach Attach Film (DAF)
  • Adhesives
  • Cleaning Agent (Water Based and Solvent Type)
  • Barcode, Labels, Stickers, and Thermal Ribbon
  • Board Repair And Compressor Overhauling
  • Fabrications
  • Others…


Our Line of Products & Services

Dicing Blades, Dicing Equipments, and Other Dicing Peripherals for Semiconductor Industries


Back Grinding, Wafer Dicing, Die Attach Film, And Package Sawing Tapes

Cleaning Agents

Barcodes, Labels, Stickers, and Ribbon

Spindle Overhauling, Refurbish, and Repair

Equipment Technical Support and Preventive Maintenance Service


Board Repair and Services


Spare Parts OEM

Metal Fabrication

PCB Repair


Supply of Spare Parts and Servicing of all Types / Models of Compressors