Wafer Cleaner


ADT Model 977 Wafer Cleaner is designed for cleaning workpieces after dicing. It is equipped with a spinning chuck table and a rotating washing/drying arm. The arm can be configured with an atomizing cleaning nozzle or a high pressure nozzle to cope with a wide range of cleanliness requirements

System highlights

  • Superb performance (cleaning quality)
  • Versatility (add-on options)
  • Compact
  • Robust design
  • Enhanced cleaning process
  •  Process monitoring
  •  Customization


  • Built-in exhaust blower
  • Ionizer
  • IR heater
  • Surfactant nozzle and tank
  • Water resistivity measurement
  • CO2 injector
  • Tape-less vacuum holding
  • Special customized solutions
Category: ADT, Peripheral Equipment