Zestron FA+

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Solvent-based cleaning agent designed to remove all types of flux residues from electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids, power electronics (power modules, leadframe-based discrete, power LEDs), and packages (Flip Chips/CMOS). The cleaner is suitable for use in dip tanks (Ultrasonic and Spray-under-immersion) and centrifugal cleaning machines.

  • High cleaning performance and very long bath life
    The product is characterized by its high cleaning performance and bath loading capability ensuring an extremely long bath life.
  • No specific explosion-proof environment
    The cleaning medium does not require any specific explosion-proof environment.
  • Good rinsability
    Due to the surfactant-free formulation, the product can be easily rinsed.
  • Optimal preparation for subsequent processes
    For Flip Chips/CMOS, the cleaning agent reduces the void rate during underfill and improves the image resolution by removing all tacky fluxes. It creates optimal surface properties for subsequent wire bonding/molding processes, especially for power modules, leadframe-based discrete components, and Power LEDs.
  • Cleaning agent regeneration
    During the use of ZESTRONĀ® FA+, the ZESTRONĀ® adsorber HM1 can remove heavy metals from the cleaning bath.

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