With a slower wear rate than Resin but faster than Nickel, Metal-bond (Sintered) blades are best suited for retaining package shape and size in applications such as:• BGA• Soft Alumina• TiC• LTCC• Ferrite Blade thickness varies from 3 mils to 60 mils (depending on diamond grit size)Diamond grit size ranges from 2 microns to 70 […]

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Resin as binder allows for blade wear management rendering Resin-bond Blades an excellent choice for hard and brittle materials such as QFN/MLF, Thick Ceramic Substrates, HTCC, and Glass

Resin Blade thickness varies from 3 mils to 100 mils (depending on diamond grit size)

Diamond grit size ranges from 3 microns to 250 microns (depending on blade thickness)

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HUB Blades

ADT, a worldwide leader in dicing solutions, is pleased to add a full line of Hub Blades to its wide range of products.
ADT’s range of Hub Blades is a perfect solution for the optimization of the dicing process for various types of materials such as Silicon, GaAs, and other wafers. 

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Nickel-Bond Dicing Blades

ADT’s Annular Nickel Blades are produced using a state-of-the-art, tightly controlled electroforming process that guarantees a uniform distribution of diamonds throughout the Nickel layer. This process not only allows for blades to be produced to very tight tolerances but also permits optimization of grit size, hardness, and geometry to meet the particular requirements of your application.

Category: ADT, ADT Dicing Blades